About us

I had the great pleasure to travel to New Orleans for business in 2011 and was taken to eat at an amazing restaurant on Bourbon Street called Antoine’s. Our group was seated not in the main dining area, but in a haunted private dining room!

I had the étouffée, on which my Crawfish Étouffée recipe is based. The kitchen staff also prepared special Swerve-sweetened sugar-free desserts for our table.

A lot of the people I was dining with were locals. They asked me how I stay keto and said that it is extremely difficult to do in New Orleans because the local motto is “live to eat,” not “eat to live,” which I found quite interesting.

We’re often told to regard food as fuel and nothing else, but the food is more than that. Even at the young age of two and a half, my son demonstrated how food is more than just nourishment. He would jump into his booster chair, buckle in, and start to sing. It wasn’t because he was getting chicken nuggets, boxed macaroni, and cheese, or a bowl of ice cream. In one video I have of him, I was making my Meatballs with Brown Gravy, and he was singing at the top of his lungs simply because it was mealtime. Food is a pleasure, food is love. Food should also be nourishing, and that’s why I was so excited to write this book. It is filled with pleasure, love, and nourishing foods.

It isn’t a bad thing to enjoy food. My goal is for you to fall in love with ketogenic foods so that you can nourish your soul and your body.

I have had the pleasure of writing numerous cookbooks, and I will never be able to pick a favorite; however, I think this book was the most fun to write. I really enjoyed reminiscing about my favorite foods from my former unhealthy diet and pondering how to recreate such favorites as Bomba Burgers and Death by Chocolate Cheesecake as keto dishes. What I find extraordinary is that I enjoy the taste of these recipes even more than the traditional carb- and sugar-filled versions!

As I continue to grow with my cooking, I am finding techniques that are fantastic at adding that special “umami” flavor profile. Umami is a savory flavor that is sometimes described as the fifth taste, along with sweet, sour, salty, and bitter. This book is filled with amazing recipes that will make you feel satisfied with your ketogenic journey.

Keto isn’t a diet to me or my family; it is a way of life. We enjoy feeling this amazing, so we never want to veer away from ketogenic foods. We aren’t tempted by traditional mashed potatoes or wheat-filled bread. I think the main reason we are never enticed is that I’m always on the hunt for new ways to make ketogenic foods even more comforting and delicious.